Maggie Yang
Maggie Yang
They provided fast and professional services! They were also able to find important issues in my condo that I wouldn't have noticed. The inspections were great and justified the purchase. The team was awesome too!
Ian Chia
Ian Chia
StandByArea provided an outstanding home defects inspection service. Their attention to detail and professionalism made the process smooth and stress-free. I highly recommend StandByArea to anyone in need of thorough and reliable home inspection services.
chew zheng hui
chew zheng hui
Delivered first-rate service from beginning to end. Have very meticulous and professional staffs. identified and come up with relevant and effective solutions.
Their BTO inspection is extremely detailed and they identified every defect. I am extremely satisfied with their professionalism and would definitely recommend their service. 👍
kerianne neo
kerianne neo
they provide amazing service! they did a very detailed check to find for defects! 100% would recommend!
ian chia
ian chia
StandByArea made the task of home inspection surprisingly smooth. Their team's professionalism and attention to detail were truly impressive. From start to finish, StandByArea's service left me feeling confident and reassured about the condition of my home.
chris yee
chris yee
The contractor provided detailed attention to detail during the inspection of my BTO. Their thoroughness ensured that even the smallest issues were identified. Overall, I'm highly satisfied with their professionalism and dedication to ensuring a quality finish
Contractors provided thorough and efficient defect inspection services for my BTO. Their attention to detail ensured all issues were identified and addressed promptly, contributing to a smooth handover process. Professionalism and expertise were evident throughout, making them a reliable choice for new homeowners
thanks to sba for helping me find all the defects in the resale home i was about to buy! really helped me make a good decision.
Ferdi Ferdi
Ferdi Ferdi
I'm extremely impressed with the level of service provided by Stand By Area. They were thorough, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a reliable inspection.

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Defect Inspection Packages


[1 Trip]
$ From $100
  • • Conduct One-time inspection
  • • Submission of Defects report to Dev/BSC
  • • Defects report and photos sent to Owner
  • • Full guidance on how to complete the DLP process


[3 Trips]
$ From $200
  • Includes all Bronze Package services *
  • • Coordinate Joint & Final inspection with Dev/BSC
  • • Conduct One-time Joint inspection with Dev/BSC
  • • Conduct Final inspection with Owner & Dev/BSC
best value


[5 Trips]
$ From $350
  • Includes all Silver Package services *
  • • Conduct One-time Post Reno inspection
  • • Post Reno Defects report and photos sent to Owner
  • • Conduct Final inspection with Owner

Price Lists

Flat TypeBronzeSilverGold
2 Rooms$100$200$350
3 Rooms$150$250$450
4 Rooms$200$300$550
5 Rooms$250$350$650
3 GEN$350$450$750
Others [1300 sqft & above]$0.24 per sqft$0.33 per sqft$0.55 per sqft
Floor Area [sqft]BronzeSilverGold
1 – 600$200$300$450
601 – 900$250$350$450
901 – 1200$300$400$650
1201 – 1500$350$450$750
1501 – 1800$400$500$850
1801 & above$0.24 per sqft$0.30 per sqft$0.50 per sqft

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Each visit is priced at $50.

At StandByArea, we understand that every home is unique and may require extra attention. That’s why we offer an ‘Additional Trips’ service, allowing for further visits to your property beyond the standard package offerings.
Whether it’s re-inspecting previously identified defects, checking on the progress of rectifications, or addressing new concerns, our team is here to ensure your peace of mind.

With our flat rate of $50 for each additional visit, you have the flexibility to tailor our services to your specific needs without any hidden costs. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to providing top-notch service for your home inspections.

**Please note that the $50 per visit option is only applicable as a top-up on existing packages.**

Scope of Inspection



  • Check ceiling seepage
  • Wall/floor cracks
  • Hollow tiles
  • Fixtures & fittings


  • Check piping condition
  • Water pressure & drainage
  • Water ponding 


  • Check electrical points
  • Test appliances 

Our Services

[Newly TOP Properties]
Upon receiving the keys or the Temporary Occupation Permit(TOP), property owners have a 12-month Defects Liability Period (DLP) to identify any defects within their property and notify the developers for rectification.

It is advised to report any defects within 30 days of receiving the keys and before any renovation begins. This helps avoid the confusion regarding responsibility for repairs.

The DLP inspection will guide owners through these processes. The three packages we offer for the DLP Inspection provides different coverage. You may refer below to learn more.

The General Defect Inspection will inform you on any defects present in the property and if repairs or maintenance are needed. This will assist owners in making well-informed decisions for their intended purposes.  We will provide a one-time inspection and a detailed report. This inspection is best suitable for:
  • Resale Home buyers intending to assess the property’s condition before purchasing
  • Landlords who want to assess their property’s condition before/after a tenancy
  • Property Agents who needs assistance with defects inspection and wishes to go above and beyond for their clients
 Prices starts at an affordable rate of $150

[Renovated Properties]
Post Renovation Inspection is conducted to ensure that all renovation work has met your satisfactory standards and quality.

1st inspection will inform you of any defects present in your renovation. 2nd inspection verifies that all defects have been rectified by ID, ensuring the property is in a safe and proper condition to move into.

Prices starts at an affordable rate of $150

Why Choose SBA?


Expertise & Reliability

  • BCA compliant standards
  • CONQUAS certification
  • Professional inspectors, only full-timers
  • Highest rated on Google reviews (5 Stars)


Value-Added Services

  • Lifetime offsite consultation
  • BSC and Developers liaison
  • Defects Guide provided

Flexibility & Support

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Unlimited Rescheduling

Best Pricing

  • Transparent pricing
  • Low price for high value

Always ready for inspection!

Looking for a defect checking company? StandByArea is here to help! Connect with us on WhatsApp or Social media and we’ll be delighted to assist you!

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